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 logoMJB Eagle Feather Homes, partnering with SBCA, brings you Component Technology Workshops (CTWs) online presentations on key issues dealing with roof trusses, floor trusses, wall panels and component construction. Designed for professionals in the construction industry, CTWs cover topics such as building codes, industry guidelines in the field, the principles of truss design and much more!

Many courses can qualify for continuing education credit (CEUs/PDHs); contact SBCA staff for more information about specific course qualifications.

Florida Board of Professional Engineers Rule 61G15-31.003
The first part of this 1-hour TTW discusses specific provisions in the Florida Board of Professional Engineers Rule 61G15-31.003. The rule, which went into effect April 30, 2003; covers the design of structures using prefabricated wood trusses and regulates Truss Index Cover Sheets for Truss Design Drawings. The workshop is presented by the Building Officials Association of Florida (BOAF), WTCA's Florida Chapter Executive Committee and WTCA. The second part of this TTW covers the metal plate connected wood truss industry's standard design responsibilities per ANSI/TPI/WTCA 4-2002.

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