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 logoMJB Eagle Feather Homes, partnering with SBCA, brings you Component Technology Workshops (CTWs) – online presentations on key issues dealing with roof trusses, floor trusses, wall panels and component construction. Designed for professionals in the construction industry, CTWs cover topics such as building codes, industry guidelines in the field, the principles of truss design and much more!

Many courses can qualify for continuing education credit (CEUs/PDHs); contact SBCA staff for more information about specific course qualifications.

Permanent Bracing, B3 or CFSB3, and Risk Management

These two new online courses begin with a brief overview of the purpose of permanent bracing for wood and cold-formed steel components. They examine the challenges that construction industry professionals face when it comes to permanent bracing and some collaborative projects aimed at helping to clarify this issue. Each course reviews the BCSI-B3 or CFSBCSI-B3 Summary Sheets on permanent bracing and provides valuable risk management tips for building designers.

“I found your courses on both wood and cold-formed steel truss permanent bracing very informative ... We need more courses like these two and for credit.”

– Edward J. Reed PE,
Reed Engineering, Chestertown, MD

“I really like the course. It’s a challenge to get everyone to understand permanent bracing requirements. This course shows that bracing is required beyond what’s needed to prevent displacement and explains everyone’s responsibilities when it comes to permanent bracing.”

– Matthew Varvel,
County of San Luis Obispo Building Department, CA

SPECIAL OFFER FOR ARCHITECTS, ENGINEERS & SPECIFIERS – Upon completing a course, architects, engineers and specifiers can take the corresponding quiz for free. Quizzes may qualify for continuing education credit (CEUs/PDHs); check with your agency/organization.

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Looking for CEU Credit?Each course has a quiz for CEU credit – free for architects and engineers. Check with your organization to see if these courses qualify. To register for a free quiz or see about qualifying a course for CEU credit, contact Trish Kutz at SBCA at 608/310-6768.
Manage Risk &
Provide Critical Jobsite Information
Provide important permanent bracing information with the BCSI-B3 or CFSBCSI-B3 Summary Sheet.

  B3 & CFSB3 Summary Sheets

Print your framing plans on the reverse side of B3 or CFSB3 to fulfill your duty to educate and warn by providing standard industry bracing details and guideline text.

Using B3 and CFSB3 in this manner also documents that you provided this important bracing permanent information.

Learn more about the BCSI-B3 or CFSBCSI-B3 Summary Sheet.


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